Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Wonder

Working closer to sixty than seventy hours a week now. I've arrived at a state where the macro of maintaining horizontal and vertical control over a city block's worth of parking structure is routine. Not that familiarity has bred anything close to contempt, of course. Far, far from it.

I still cannot prevent myself from listening to radio instead of cycling through my CD's on the commute. With radio comes network news and commercials.

The news talks about our communist president and imperial congress as if they were just the same old stripe of politicians. The commercials are going... well, going green. And going collectivist as well. Lots of PSA's talking about "doing our part" "helping the recovery". The aim is to appeal to community, but the execution is just damned sad and wrong.

My tax dollars paid for them. If I close my eyes I can here the script of 1984.

Or maybe THX1138.

I cannot talk politics with my family. But I can post links like this on the off chance somebody who knows me may wander through and perhaps follow it. There really is nothing to talk about. Nothing I could change. We could change.

I think it's time I bought a grain mill and several vac pacs of hard red wheat.

Depression is a bitch. I will grab a random stack of CD's off the shelf and put them in the truck tonight.

The fifth different surveying outfit to pass through my job has confirmed my control network and adopted my coordinate system. Funny how it all comes down to thousandths of a foot each time. "Close enough" is the goal. Nice that "close" in this case is damn near nuts on.

Back in the hole tomorrow.

(Link via American Digest)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Party On

I went to the Salt Lake City Tea Party at the Federal building. This location happens to be across the street from the hole in which I work.

I estimate minimum seven hundred people. The venue was not all that large, but it was packed. Speakers included the President of the Utah chapter of the Eagle Forum, Rep. Jason Chafetz (freshman, we kicked Cannon out last election), AG Shurtleff, Rep. Rod Bishop. I don't know if any elected Democrat spoke but I was only able to stay for a short half hour. All the speakers I heard made a point of the non-partisan nature of the Tea Party movement. Many passing cars honked in response to signs asking them to honk if they are taxed too much; many thumbs up.

I’ve got to get a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag for the yard; I’ll fly it alongside the Colors on holidays for the next little while.

The protesters were overwhelmingly working and family people and many kids were present. One goober did show wearing a Glock on a duty belt and cammie trousers bloused into Doc Marten boots. His tshirt said something about “combat training team nine” and I overheard him stating that Utah was an open carry state. He was ignored by everybody, including two uniformed cops. One guy on the periphery wore an Obama mask and had a Soviet flag on his shoulders. He danced around whenever a camera got close.

I leave my ball cap in my truck when I get to work in the morning. You have to be wearing your badge, hard hat, safety glasses, and vest to get into my site. So I stood hatless in the rain and listened to the speeches until the rain turned to snow. The crowd was growing larger when I had to leave.

No paper machet heads were hurt in this protest, and we didn’t even kick in the Starbuck’s windows.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shooting Date

I will be at Lee Kay this Saturday, arriving at nine a.m. and staying for as long as the kids want to shoot.

Plan A was a west desert outing to shoot cannon but the weather just isn't going to cooperate.

Have a fine day.

Sunday, April 05, 2009



(Update)I should have put up a screen cap. The original headline was "U.N. meets in emergency session, adjourns without decision" or some such twaddle.


I have made deletions and additions to the Purser's List.


I'm going to go out and burn some powder.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

What Button?

The DGAF button is officially pushed:


What a joke this clown is. What a tragedy we are become.

Done with politics. Just work, chores, sleep. And pay taxes.

You have a fine day.