Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Makes Sense To Me

Pursuant to this:

"Governor Spitzer, who made his career by specializing in not just the prosecution, but the ruin, of other men, is himself almost certainly ruined," the paper said.

Commenter "Paul", weighing in on Gerard Van der Luen's post on Mr. Spitzer's situation, struck hard and true:

"Why shouldn't Democrat women be doormants? Blacks are for the Democrat party. Jews love the the Arafat loving Democrat party. Industrial Union workers love the industry hateing Democrat party. It is a party of,and for (sic) losers."

What of the millions of voters flushed down drains at clinics these last thirty odd years, too? They are losers - undeniably victims of the the "meMeME" meme and generation(s) so ennobled by the Left. They never even got a chance to be Democrat. Philosophies built around human sacrifice don't leave much in the way of lasting legacies. Especially ones that don't even pretend obeisance to any deity beyond self.

I wonder what form Mr. Spitzer will use to make himself the victim here? The act has become compulsory for public figures who cross beyond the pale.

Nihilism. It's the other politics, I guess.

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