Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Here

Just not making much noise.

No prob with the mole. "Benign" is surely one of the most beautiful words one can hear in a medical setting. Wife and I took the Labor Day weekend on the road - four days in all, all the way to Sacramento by way of Tahoe. Lovely.

We had our first snow Saturday.

I hate the winter. Everything hurts. Problem is I already hurt all through this summer. Old age may be catching up with me.

No. Caught me, kicked me in the fork, and is winding up for a few more good ones...

I can't find any energy for war or politics. They are not seperate issues, of course. The democrats just want to surrender and get back to power until they destroy our economy or the until the next mass casualty attack (there ought to be a pool on that), the republicans (for the most part) don't want to lose but are too busy doing a performance art project called "gormless" and nobody wants to speak of how the fight will really be decided, anyway. This is not entirely the rep's fault in that the media, pop culture, and academia of the west are monolithically against standing up for silly old democracy, even if it is the basis for their decadence first and riches second.