Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 March 2010

You may have woken up this morning to enjoy your rights and privileges as a citizen of the world's most successful and powerful republic. Make no mistake about it: your status is not what it was when you were enjoying your waffles and coffee. Citizen? Not really; your ability to pursue your happiness, your responsibility for your own freedom, has been denied by The State.

Subjects? Serfs? I'm not sure what we are now.

Citizens were understood to have rights inherent and inviolable; rights granted by a creator. Government was to be an expression of the people, established to execute those activities generally beyond the scope of the individual. Government was defined by the Constitution, and its duties enumerated.

And all other powers reserved to the states, or the people.

That's over now. We have arrived at that moment where the government that promises to give everyone everything they desire gets down to the business of taking everything we have. Don't know if we are subjects. Merely wards of the state? But we're not citizens. Not in the eyes of the Democratic executive and legislative office holders who earlier this evening nationalized our health care sector.

Oh, and the financing of higher education.

There are judicial challenges on the horizon, for sure... but I've got two words for you: Eric. Holder.

Welcome to the Coup.

I don't feel fine. Not at all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eve of Destruction

Professor Reynolds unleashes the ultimate weapon:


Here is some required reading from Jeff Goldstein.

Neoneocon brings us news from Mr. York. Silver linings, perhaps?

I expect this weekend to bring the death of the Republic. Hyperbole?

Government now owns our core manufacturing, banking, and insurance entities and regulates the rest to a standstill. The last four decades of government subsidy of various sectors of pharma and health have been the prime mover in the spiralling costs of both. Nationalizing health care (and at the same time financing for higher education; you were not supposed to notice) makes Uncle Sugar your undisputed master... not your representative, nor anything resembling a shield of individual freedoms.

You may think you will have electoral options come 2010. Have you considered how fast this congress and president may move to provide amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens residing in the country? The natural result of such a move would be to invite a flood of yet more illegal aliens banking on the hope that the government might extend that amnesty to them, too. This is exactly what happened the last time an amnesty was tried, back in the eighties.

That legislation had amnesty with an assurance of increased enforcement of border security. That worked out well, didn't it?

Nothing like millions of unskilled workers to take the sting out of twenty percent unemployment numbers, I always say. Especially in the cities.

When the flood comes you must swim across the current to get to shore. Then go from there.

I've got nothing else to say, except for "good luck".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Range Day

0900 Saturday, 13 March, Lee Kay Hunter Education Center.

Testing .30'06 in my Remington 700 and Garand, shooting at least two Mosin-Nagant 91/30's for groups using four different surplus ammo lots, various pistols, with a special guest appearance by the EBR*.

If you are in the area, drop me a line at Right now it looks like Mrs. Utah, a couple of coworkers, and me. Youngest Goddess is going to pass the word to some of her Fine Young Men and I may end up hosting a few of them, too. That doesn't mean much of anything, except I'll probably pack up my K98 8mm carbine(Russian Capture) and a hat full of that robust Turkish machine gun ammo on top of everything else...

Have a fine weekend, where ever you are.

(*EVIIIIIL Black Rifle)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pretty Full Weekend

Work is NOT going to be ten hours a day, five days plus Saturdays. We'll just get the amount of production in we would have in that amount of time but no man goes over forty until further notice. Without overtime I miss several hundred dollars a week. That stings more than a wee bit.

I previously mentioned that I was having trouble with my reloading hardware. A pleasurable and profitable half hour spent in the august presence of Mr. Lamont Christensen, proprietor of Christensen Reloading Supply gave me the good scoop on how to get my equipment back on line, as well as providing some seriously useful data on loads for some of my favorite calibers. In exchange for his time and counsel I went ahead and purchased a hundred .310 diameter 180gr soft point bullets for building my Mosin target loads.

On Friday night Mrs. Utah and I ran out the last 200 rounds of 9mm Parabellum that was left on the table when the Dillon went down last week. Saturday and today I washed about five loads of laundry, decluttered and cleaned up our dining room and long bar, and in between those tasks went ahead and ran out a small lot of .30 caliber tracers and a test lot of twenty .30-'06 150 gr Sierra FMJBTSP deer loads. I noticed that the stock on my Remington 700 has warped a tiny bit and that it now fails the dollar bill test. So there's another weapon in the safe that needs a tweak...

Have a fine week.