Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pretty Full Weekend

Work is NOT going to be ten hours a day, five days plus Saturdays. We'll just get the amount of production in we would have in that amount of time but no man goes over forty until further notice. Without overtime I miss several hundred dollars a week. That stings more than a wee bit.

I previously mentioned that I was having trouble with my reloading hardware. A pleasurable and profitable half hour spent in the august presence of Mr. Lamont Christensen, proprietor of Christensen Reloading Supply gave me the good scoop on how to get my equipment back on line, as well as providing some seriously useful data on loads for some of my favorite calibers. In exchange for his time and counsel I went ahead and purchased a hundred .310 diameter 180gr soft point bullets for building my Mosin target loads.

On Friday night Mrs. Utah and I ran out the last 200 rounds of 9mm Parabellum that was left on the table when the Dillon went down last week. Saturday and today I washed about five loads of laundry, decluttered and cleaned up our dining room and long bar, and in between those tasks went ahead and ran out a small lot of .30 caliber tracers and a test lot of twenty .30-'06 150 gr Sierra FMJBTSP deer loads. I noticed that the stock on my Remington 700 has warped a tiny bit and that it now fails the dollar bill test. So there's another weapon in the safe that needs a tweak...

Have a fine week.

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