Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just a note to say that content will continue to be nonexistent.

I am buttoning up my part of a city block's worth of underground parking plus six floors of a tower...

... and I am back on a five tens schedule - at the very least. There will be some Saturday work, too, to get this baby put to bed.

Random thoughts:

1. The Democrat caucus in DC is acting in a suicidal manner. Good. I hope they get the help they so desperately need. Sometimes stepping off that ledge takes a little push. I've got a shower curtain rod they can tie off on, and a whole closet of out of style ties and dress belts.

Hell, I'll hang an extra rod down stairs if they don't mind forming a line.

2. After fifteen years of faithful service, my Dillon XL650 progressive reloading machine has developed a bind of some sort. Cursory inspection and a tiny bit of web research indicate that the arm pivot bushings need to be greased, but I really won't have a moment to spare to get it done for the next few weeks.

It was quite jarring to realize that the equipment had gone down. At the time the fault manifested I was actually in process of trying to find an empty ammo can to store the 9mm I had just finished loading up. I keep the ready ammo in Dillon Blue boxes, with the overflow living in .30 cal cans. I'm plumb full up. So I guess not having the reloader is not THAT big a deal. Still, it grates. These are interesting times.

I will probably tear it down Sunday...

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