Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008


Fridayyy! Off to Wendover, Utah/Nevada for the opening event of Mrs. Tmj's SCCA Solo racing season. Maybe some riflery in the desert.

I'm STILL pulling gunge out of the retired PU I mentioned here.

And talk about time - I put yet another notch on the stick come Sunday. They go by like pickets seen from an express train, don't they?

I have to finish installing the new baseboards in the new living room before then, make a dump run, AND do a roundtripper up to Mrs. Tmj's work in West Valley City to drop off her phone before she takes off at two to head directly to Wendover.

I just got a Big5 gift card from my sis in law. Ah, enablers! I love her so.

I will be around Happy Valley until this evening. Youngest Goddess has a dance recital at seven that I will tape (even if it's digital recording) and then will proceed west on I-80 to join the OTL in Wendover.

Have a fabjous weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I Blog

Mainly, because I find essays like this:

"I encounter an enormous and growing number of people who have no frame of reference to the whole world, and everybody and everything in it, except that which they learned from watching entertainment. But unlike the elderly I mentioned, they are not using the TV to remind them of a world they have already participated in. They are deriving their reality from the flickering screen. Every single thing they say or do is filtered almost entirely through the lens of movies, teleplays, and magazines -paper or virtual- things that use reality as a veneer, if that, and simply to lend verisimilitude to wholly fictitious inventions."

... and am able to pass them on.

Well, I would, if I had any traffic.


(via American Digest)

Required Reading

Mr. J.R. Dunn chronicles the origins and history of the bastard stepchildren of classical liberalism:

"Instead of joining the Whigs and Know-Nothings in historical oblivion, liberalism surrendered to its internal rebels, the Democratic Party's left wing, indistinguishable in beliefs and intent from any hardcore socialist party on the international scene. In 1972, they ran one of their own, George McGovern who in 1948 had served as delegate for communist front-man Henry Wallace) for the presidency. "

In my opinion, the elections of 2008 will be the crucible that breaks what is left of the Democrat Party. There's no "there" there, and hasn't been since the eighties. The party convention will be in Denver in the fall. This convention is where their SUPER Delegates will fatally alienate either the Black Democrats, the White Female Democrats, or The Jewish American Democrats, or some combination of the three.

The Party requires all three of those groups to be nationally competitive. They have parsed their victim and identity politics so finely that it is now become impossible to successfully pander locally... which is why their last successful president was smart enough to run just above and outside the Party playbook. Clinton was not a Democrat so much as he was a charismatic, media attractive operator who wasn't a Republican. The Democrats didn't so much as gain a leader as they submitted to a pimp. They've gone the sixteen years since rolling for the Arkansas grifters pretending to be the class of the game, but it's awfully hard to hide the bruises any more.

I think there's a kind of delicious irony there.

Well, they are fresh out of players who can make the act work. While the Super Delegates go about the business of destroying the Party inside the convention center, the Base will be outside destroying any chance that the Party will be competitive in the general elections this November.

Read the whole thing.


Rumblings from within the beast.

And Karl keeps knocking the ball out of the park at Protein Wisdom.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I went shooting with our veterinarian on March eleventh. I brought my SMLE No.4Mk1 and my most recent Mosin acquisition, a second arsenal refurbished model 91/30 retired PU - type sniper.

I cleaned both rifles after the outing, following procedures used when corrosive ammunition has been fired. I put the rifles back on the rack with damp bores, put the bolts in the safe, and went about my business.

Two days later I returned, wiped down all the metal with a cloth dampened lightly with CLP, and ran patches through the bores of both rifles. The SMLE patch had just a tinge of gray (I clean vigorously the first time, then expect the CLP I leave in the bore to loosen what I missed the first time.

The patch I ran through the Mosin was a lot darker, and showed a tinge of green mixed with the gray. Seeing green indicates that some of the gilding (jacket material) is still stuck in the grooves. I thought "No biggie", ran a brush soaked in Hoppes Lead and Copper through the bore and let it sit overnight.

Okay. It is now two weeks later, and I punch the Mosin in the morning and in the evening, and I'm still bringing out crud. It's as if there are strata of carbon, gilding, and lead packed into spectacularly deep grooves. The cleaning rod swivels like a barber pole going down the bore; a much more positive feel than my other C&R milsurps.

I checked my other retired PU and the two Mosins closest to it on the rack, and upon close examination it appears that it, too, has very deep grooves compared to the "stock" 91/30's.

I'll have to fly this by the folks over at The Gun Thing, but not tonight.

See, I told you it was trivial...

Here They Come!

If you are a fan of old movies, or merely of an age where you grew up watching a lot of matinées, you recognize the pedigree of the post title.

In every movie featuring hordes of hostile aliens/barbarians/tribesmen, there comes a moment where some helpful defender peers over the barricade at the charging host and shouts "Here they come!" for the benefit of any cast member who may have stepped into the outhouse, or for those in the audience who may have become distracted by their date.

I have previously opined here and here that the Black Democrat demographic will rebel at any move on the part of the SUPER Delegates to cross the popular vote results of the Democrat Primary process. Or what is perceived to be the "popular" vote; under DNC rules as they exist right now, only God and Stephen Hawking have a clue what the true value of that quantity is.

I love it when a plan comes together; to celebrate, I am linking to Talk Left where the opposition muses possible action in response to exactly such a move by the SUPER Delegates. (There is a link to KoS on that page. I don't link to those people.)

Big Tent Democrat writes:

"Here Markos and I agree. If Obama is the pledged delegate leader and the popular vote leader (as me, Kos and a cast of a thousand bloggers, NBC, etc, expect), then any action by the super delegates to subvert such a result would be outrageous and wrong, imo of course (his italics in original)."

The real meat is in the comments. I won't quote any of them, you need to read for yourself. It's an exquisite study in what happens when your politics are ruled by identity and expediency. There are some assumptions repeatedly put into play that ... make me giggle. Suffice it to say there are a lot of very unhappy campers, and their default tactic is to throw a tantrum and break stuff when they don't get their way.

It ain't pretty, but then neither is sausage making and we need both breakfast and a government, so there you go. I'm glad I don't live in Denver.

Have a great day! Oh, and here they come!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beautiful Things

The MEU I was deployed in made a training call/port visit in SW Australia in 1986. We heloed into Lancelin National Park for a week of live fire and maneuver with the RAA, then spent a week split between the city of Perth and the much smaller Freemantle.

We had arrived off Freemantle after getting everybody back on board from Lancellin. There is a passage through the reefs that allows large ships safe anchorage in all but the worst of weathers. I was on the USS Tarawa, an LHA, at the time. The morning we were supposed to begin liberty in Freemantle, I woke up before dawn and stepped outside to enjoy a smoke on the catwalk that ran the length of the ship, beneath the flight deck.

It was cloudless, with absolutely no wind. The sky was such a pure, dark gray blue that it was impossible to see the horizon. I could look down in the rapidly growing light (in the South Pacific, sunrise is like a leisurely flash bulb) and actually see details on the bottom some hundred feet below.

It was dead quiet but for the hum of ship’s alt power;.I think we only had half our steam up, and that only for emergencies. I could hear the creak of the anchor chain riding through its port fifty feet forward.

I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life, nor as peaceful. Not until the hundreds of dolphins all rose up, all around the ship, softly blew, and then rolled back beneath the water.

Haven’t seen anything to top that yet.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Get these ladies a tray of sandwiches, stat!

(via Instapundit)


I've been on unpaid leave for a month. Spring is undeniably here. My hypothyroid meds seem to be working as far as the mental issues go... but geeze I'm huge.

My youngest daughter is off to Denver for a WinterGuard competition. there is a darnfine chance her team will place well or win their class.

My wife is wasting, I tell you wasting away before our very eyes... using Weight Watchers! I am very proud of her.

Oldest daughter is working hard to cover past shortcomings so that she can graduate with her class, and I am proud of her, as well, for all the hours and brainsweat she's put in these last months.

This last little bit of time has been spent remodeling our living room. The carpet went in just yesterday. We have installed a floor joist section to bring the entire room to a single level, patched a ton of age cracks and wear blemishes on the existing drywall, and installed a new front entry and storm door. The horizontal shades are on the way, and painting should be complete by the end of the weekend - complete enough to get the (refinished) oak furniture back in place.

I am a lucky man. I hope that your week wraps up on a high note, and your weekend is filled with friends, joy, and love.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The following is a comment I put up on this post on Protein Wisdom:

I’d like to claim my ancestors fought to overturn slavery, but as near as the family memory can tell, my great-great-great grandparents on my father’s side were slaughtering settlers in the northern great plains while the Federals were distracted by General Bragg. They later took an extended vacation in Canada, crossing the border there about forty eight hours ahead of General Crook’s flying columns.

… and my European ancestors didn’t arrive until at least the 1870’s.

So, tell me, where’s my stain, Senator?

I love America. It’s my home, and it doesn’t matter what color I am or who my grandparents were - the sky is the limit. And as near as I can tell, Senator Obama is just another hack politician willing to shaft as many well- meaning but ill informed people as he has to to get the power he wants. His speech was designed to cast anyone who questions his candidacy as a racist and as an opportunity for the MSM to surrender to his narrative.

Oh, and to maybe kill Andrew Sullivan via a masturbation- induced seizure. There’s a mean streak in the Senator, make no mistake.

The founders would be pretty sad at what we’ve been reduced to putting up for candidates. Jefferson and Adams would both claim vindication for their views on the pitfalls inherent in representative government.


I still believe Obama will get the nod. With this speech, he's got the media cowed to an extreme that has to have the Clintons foaming at the mouth. Teh Uniter is just about nigh on untouchable now.

The next step is to formally coopt the Jackson and Sharpton factions and put the word out who the new boss is.

It's sad to watch so many well-meaning people set them selves up for such disappointment. We've already had a Carter and were smart enough to dodge McGovern. Obama brings the worst of Leftist cant and identity politics to this race, and has now compounded the potential for social upheaval by equating valid disagreement on policy differences with racism.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Black Liberation Theology

The most important blog post you will read this year is right here:

"Accordingly, I have endeavored to research these theologies. I do not pretend to be an expert in theology. Nor do I pretend to be an expert in hermeneutics, a field that turns out to be directly relevant to these issues. Our esteemed host, Jeff Goldstein, is far more knowledgable in that field. However, I think I can say that I now know more about them — and Obama’s attitude toward them — than any number of Obama critics or defenders in the establishment media. What follows is some of what I have learned to date about liberation theology (about which I already had some knowledge), Black Liberation Theology, Obama’s church and Obama’s attitude toward his church and its theology."

The post is by Karl, a guest poster at Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom. His essay is a comprehensive and scholarly examination of the antecedents to, and current iteration of, the Black Liberation Theology, as well as commentary on Senator Obama's speech from earlier today.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: I get a bit exercised here, and here.

The Speech

This is a hip-shoot, first impression post. There may be more later but most likely I'll weigh in on Protein Wisdom when Dan or Karl get around to posting on Obama's speech.


More Justice?

The default position of liberation theology is that there is NO justice.

The Candidate has just announced strong disagreement with Mr. Wright's political views; it is hard to credit this statement in light of the fact that Mr. Obama has repeatedly invoked Mr. Wright's guidance as a cornerstone of his beliefs in the past,
"the past" being up until a week ago when MSM noticed teh Hate.

Strong philosophical disagreement is not what you look for in paid campaign staff.

Not buying what I'm hearing. It's not aimed at me, it's aimed at the Democrat base.

He can't even see he's already got the primary situation locked up and is insulting the intelligence of the national electorate on a wager they will forget by November.

Explain to me again why this man is thought to be the "all that" of the future of politics?


I found this by Victor Davis Hanson. Mr. Hanson sees serious problems with Senator Obama's spirituality/philosophy and relationship with the truth, as well.

Monday, March 17, 2008

And Then There Was One

Sen. Hillary Clinton (Surrender, NY), speaking in a campaign appearance, formally checked out of the running for nomination as the Democratic candidate for president in 2008:

"She accused McCain of joining President George W. Bush in pushing a "stay the course" policy that would keep U.S. troops in Iraq for 100 years.

"They both want to keep us tied to another country's civil war, a war we cannot win," she said. "That in a nutshell is the Bush/McCain Iraq policy. Don't learn from your mistakes, repeat them."

She then trots out a hack promise to begin withdrawing sixty days after her coronation... swearing in. A serious contender wouldn't make a promise like that.

Not that "promise" really means anything here. Consider the source and all that.

Madame Senator has decided that losing the 2008 presidential election due to a vacuum where the Black Democrat vote used to be isn't worth it - especially if she's the reason they stay home. That would end her access to power quite abruptly.

There's still going to be some squeeze left in her Senate gig, especially during a McCain administration. She doesn't have to preside over a war her party is morally and spiritually incapable of winning, and she gives the Democrat party the crucial out they are so desperately seeking: they can point at Obama's blowout defeat and say "See, he had his chance!".

Now I can get back to watching my stock portfolio collapse. But at least the carpet, paint, and shades will all be in our living room by the end of the week!

Friday, March 14, 2008

On The Occassion of Mr. Obama's Big Move

The following was submitted as a comment on this post over at Protein Wisdom:

Tonight is Obama's Sixty Minutes Moment.

Remember 1991, Bill and Hill sitting down to chat with CBS... to clear up those allegations of infidelity with Gennifer Flowers?

If you had ever bought a used car or aluminum siding in your entire life, once you had seen that interview you knew three things about the Clintons:

1. Neither of them, given a choice, will tell the truth on the first go around.

2. Bill Clinton was an awesome liar.

3. Hillary Clinton wasn't so much a wife as she was an associate in the firm of Clinton & Clinton.

They went on to serve two terms in the White House, you know. And Hillary got REelected to the Senate in New York, a state she'd never held residence in.

Tonight we've got Obama publishing to HuffPo and KoS about his minister... who, truth be told, could probably become a paid contributor to either of those venues and die a rich man. Obama is defining the moment, and neatly writing out the mere possibility that his church of twenty years could have had anything to do with his most deeply held principles and convictions. And mainstream media, anxious to avoid that nasty "racist" label, is letting the nutroots blogs carry the narrative forward.

The Chi Trib has published Obama's most damning confessional on a Friday evening, behind the cover of the Wright flap. The interview, which was granted at Obama's request, puts the two ugliest objective threats to his candidacy into play at the time of his choosing for both the primary (which he has all but nailed down) and almost nine months before the general election.

I'd be willing to bet that somewhere on his bookshelf or computer, he's got the entire suite of Bill's & Hill's damage control filmography in one neatly organized package.

In a country that wants so much to believe in a leader, the worst hacks have figured out that lying well, even brilliantly, is one proven path to success.

If Obama pulls this twofer off this weekend, forever forward his supporters accept he's an unreconstructed campus communist steeped in grievance cult bigotry, and further a bought and paid for Chi town hack who owes his office not to the good people of Illinois but instead to the backrooms of the Cook county Democrat machine. They will have his measure... but they will follow because he says now what they want to believe.

Hillary! will recognize the coup for what it is, and will bow out in time to finish out her string as a senior senator; think of a Ted Kennedy with bigger ankles and a more grating voice.

Big weekend coming up here. Come Monday we might not have an economy, but we may well know who is the Democrat nominee for president.

*UPDATED* fixed the first link.

Candy Time In The Caves

Buying votes before the collapse, using borrowed money.

Bailouts for greedy lenders and mortgagees who knew better.

The barn is on fire, the horses gone, so smother it with Federal money.

And finally, an indisputable victory for al Qaeda.

We wasted our fucking time here in Utah, paying our debts, supporting our troops, hoping for some sort of leadership to carry us forward against Islamic terror.

I wonder what our cash and investments will be worth a week from now?

Just So You Know

I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh as I enjoy my morning coffee break. He's just finished playing three excerpts from Rev. Wright's sermons.

Funny thing; back in my youth I spent years of Sundays in Southern Baptist congregations, those cesspits of hate (/sarcasm), and I never heard a pastor say "Goddamn" or "nigger" from the pulpit, much less say both words repeatedly. Nor did I get political analysis and explicit direction on who to vote for regarding contemporary presidential elections.

I never listened to a sermon by a pastor who hated America.

I've seen hucksters like Mr. (not near Reverend) Wright, though. Some wore sheets, some had different messages. They were all small and bitter men.

Barrack Hussein Obama is less Hope and Change than he is Subterfuge and Hate.

Paint Obama white, make him a man of the right, and he wouldn't even have been allowed on the stage at a Chamber of Commerce debate.

It is my earnest hope that Hillary! and Obama make the most of the next six weeks to chew on each other. It will be an education that not even the MSM will be able to ignore or rationalize.

Pretty sad stuff.

Some Are More Equal Than Others

``White-collar practice in New York is substantially dominated by former prosecutors for good reason,'' said Daniel Richman, an ex-prosecutor in the same office and now a Columbia Law School professor. ``So much of white-collar lawyering is understanding where the government is coming from and explaining to them that what your client did may have been illegal but nonetheless ought not to be pursued by the government.''

You ever wonder why there is no perception of majesty in the law?

Well, there you go.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Health In A Hand Basket

Why am I so tired??? The only thing worse than the tired is the hurt, which feels like my entire body was at the end of a monumental towel snap.

Mrs. TmjUtah says I can't get mono from having my butt pinched. I can't lay this at her feet. It can't be high priced call girls. Not only am I hopelessly romantic, and cheap, I am not the governor of an east coast liberal bastion state.

Seriously, though: one of my good friends and two of my daughter's beaus are out front skinning the new floor in the living room because I cannot pick up a hammer.

Doc says the thyroid issues are "under control"... this as I contemplate going up a trouser size.

You know, they only grow so much cotton in Mississippi in any given year. Adding fuel surcharges to extra size premiums, it looks like I'll be paying a hundred bucks a pair of jeans or dungarees for factory store extras if this keeps up.

It could be worse. I could be Eliot Spitzer. Amen.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Makes Sense To Me

Pursuant to this:

"Governor Spitzer, who made his career by specializing in not just the prosecution, but the ruin, of other men, is himself almost certainly ruined," the paper said.

Commenter "Paul", weighing in on Gerard Van der Luen's post on Mr. Spitzer's situation, struck hard and true:

"Why shouldn't Democrat women be doormants? Blacks are for the Democrat party. Jews love the the Arafat loving Democrat party. Industrial Union workers love the industry hateing Democrat party. It is a party of,and for (sic) losers."

What of the millions of voters flushed down drains at clinics these last thirty odd years, too? They are losers - undeniably victims of the the "meMeME" meme and generation(s) so ennobled by the Left. They never even got a chance to be Democrat. Philosophies built around human sacrifice don't leave much in the way of lasting legacies. Especially ones that don't even pretend obeisance to any deity beyond self.

I wonder what form Mr. Spitzer will use to make himself the victim here? The act has become compulsory for public figures who cross beyond the pale.

Nihilism. It's the other politics, I guess.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ain't NO Sheriff In That Town

I am laying in a shipping container of pop corn kernels and ordering a pony tanker trailer full of evil hydrogenated palm oil in which to pop said corn. I will take any advice offered on which digital TV recorder is best to buy because I intend to capture the moments on live TV (sure to occur
with increasing frequency as the months and months pass between now and November) when Obamajama or Hillary! get real, tough questions that are simply impossible to answer in a coherent manner for both the moonbat Left and normal Americans.

Neither Dem can afford to lose any delegates from here on out. The fringe base rules the primaries and will decide who wins… in the white hot glare of media just waiting for the next gaffe.

Rove, you … what Dan said!