Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speech

This is a hip-shoot, first impression post. There may be more later but most likely I'll weigh in on Protein Wisdom when Dan or Karl get around to posting on Obama's speech.


More Justice?

The default position of liberation theology is that there is NO justice.

The Candidate has just announced strong disagreement with Mr. Wright's political views; it is hard to credit this statement in light of the fact that Mr. Obama has repeatedly invoked Mr. Wright's guidance as a cornerstone of his beliefs in the past,
"the past" being up until a week ago when MSM noticed teh Hate.

Strong philosophical disagreement is not what you look for in paid campaign staff.

Not buying what I'm hearing. It's not aimed at me, it's aimed at the Democrat base.

He can't even see he's already got the primary situation locked up and is insulting the intelligence of the national electorate on a wager they will forget by November.

Explain to me again why this man is thought to be the "all that" of the future of politics?


I found this by Victor Davis Hanson. Mr. Hanson sees serious problems with Senator Obama's spirituality/philosophy and relationship with the truth, as well.

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