Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The following is a comment I put up on this post on Protein Wisdom:

I’d like to claim my ancestors fought to overturn slavery, but as near as the family memory can tell, my great-great-great grandparents on my father’s side were slaughtering settlers in the northern great plains while the Federals were distracted by General Bragg. They later took an extended vacation in Canada, crossing the border there about forty eight hours ahead of General Crook’s flying columns.

… and my European ancestors didn’t arrive until at least the 1870’s.

So, tell me, where’s my stain, Senator?

I love America. It’s my home, and it doesn’t matter what color I am or who my grandparents were - the sky is the limit. And as near as I can tell, Senator Obama is just another hack politician willing to shaft as many well- meaning but ill informed people as he has to to get the power he wants. His speech was designed to cast anyone who questions his candidacy as a racist and as an opportunity for the MSM to surrender to his narrative.

Oh, and to maybe kill Andrew Sullivan via a masturbation- induced seizure. There’s a mean streak in the Senator, make no mistake.

The founders would be pretty sad at what we’ve been reduced to putting up for candidates. Jefferson and Adams would both claim vindication for their views on the pitfalls inherent in representative government.


I still believe Obama will get the nod. With this speech, he's got the media cowed to an extreme that has to have the Clintons foaming at the mouth. Teh Uniter is just about nigh on untouchable now.

The next step is to formally coopt the Jackson and Sharpton factions and put the word out who the new boss is.

It's sad to watch so many well-meaning people set them selves up for such disappointment. We've already had a Carter and were smart enough to dodge McGovern. Obama brings the worst of Leftist cant and identity politics to this race, and has now compounded the potential for social upheaval by equating valid disagreement on policy differences with racism.

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