Thursday, March 27, 2008

Required Reading

Mr. J.R. Dunn chronicles the origins and history of the bastard stepchildren of classical liberalism:

"Instead of joining the Whigs and Know-Nothings in historical oblivion, liberalism surrendered to its internal rebels, the Democratic Party's left wing, indistinguishable in beliefs and intent from any hardcore socialist party on the international scene. In 1972, they ran one of their own, George McGovern who in 1948 had served as delegate for communist front-man Henry Wallace) for the presidency. "

In my opinion, the elections of 2008 will be the crucible that breaks what is left of the Democrat Party. There's no "there" there, and hasn't been since the eighties. The party convention will be in Denver in the fall. This convention is where their SUPER Delegates will fatally alienate either the Black Democrats, the White Female Democrats, or The Jewish American Democrats, or some combination of the three.

The Party requires all three of those groups to be nationally competitive. They have parsed their victim and identity politics so finely that it is now become impossible to successfully pander locally... which is why their last successful president was smart enough to run just above and outside the Party playbook. Clinton was not a Democrat so much as he was a charismatic, media attractive operator who wasn't a Republican. The Democrats didn't so much as gain a leader as they submitted to a pimp. They've gone the sixteen years since rolling for the Arkansas grifters pretending to be the class of the game, but it's awfully hard to hide the bruises any more.

I think there's a kind of delicious irony there.

Well, they are fresh out of players who can make the act work. While the Super Delegates go about the business of destroying the Party inside the convention center, the Base will be outside destroying any chance that the Party will be competitive in the general elections this November.

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