Friday, March 14, 2008

On The Occassion of Mr. Obama's Big Move

The following was submitted as a comment on this post over at Protein Wisdom:

Tonight is Obama's Sixty Minutes Moment.

Remember 1991, Bill and Hill sitting down to chat with CBS... to clear up those allegations of infidelity with Gennifer Flowers?

If you had ever bought a used car or aluminum siding in your entire life, once you had seen that interview you knew three things about the Clintons:

1. Neither of them, given a choice, will tell the truth on the first go around.

2. Bill Clinton was an awesome liar.

3. Hillary Clinton wasn't so much a wife as she was an associate in the firm of Clinton & Clinton.

They went on to serve two terms in the White House, you know. And Hillary got REelected to the Senate in New York, a state she'd never held residence in.

Tonight we've got Obama publishing to HuffPo and KoS about his minister... who, truth be told, could probably become a paid contributor to either of those venues and die a rich man. Obama is defining the moment, and neatly writing out the mere possibility that his church of twenty years could have had anything to do with his most deeply held principles and convictions. And mainstream media, anxious to avoid that nasty "racist" label, is letting the nutroots blogs carry the narrative forward.

The Chi Trib has published Obama's most damning confessional on a Friday evening, behind the cover of the Wright flap. The interview, which was granted at Obama's request, puts the two ugliest objective threats to his candidacy into play at the time of his choosing for both the primary (which he has all but nailed down) and almost nine months before the general election.

I'd be willing to bet that somewhere on his bookshelf or computer, he's got the entire suite of Bill's & Hill's damage control filmography in one neatly organized package.

In a country that wants so much to believe in a leader, the worst hacks have figured out that lying well, even brilliantly, is one proven path to success.

If Obama pulls this twofer off this weekend, forever forward his supporters accept he's an unreconstructed campus communist steeped in grievance cult bigotry, and further a bought and paid for Chi town hack who owes his office not to the good people of Illinois but instead to the backrooms of the Cook county Democrat machine. They will have his measure... but they will follow because he says now what they want to believe.

Hillary! will recognize the coup for what it is, and will bow out in time to finish out her string as a senior senator; think of a Ted Kennedy with bigger ankles and a more grating voice.

Big weekend coming up here. Come Monday we might not have an economy, but we may well know who is the Democrat nominee for president.

*UPDATED* fixed the first link.

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