Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Slight Correction

"The US, Asia and Latin America are irked at the reluctance of Europe’s rich creditor states to put out the raging fires on their own doorstep. “The Europeans need to do more. That would unlock more support for the IMF from the other G20 countries,” said Augustin Carstens, Mexico’s central bank governor."

There are no "rich" countries in Europe. It's all paper and it's all inflated.

Reblog: "Everybody in my area was ready to go"

Do not measure us by our political leadership.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Shoes. Or, "How Did This Happen?"

"Have you ever wondered where your Flying Car is, now that you live in the Age of the Jetson’s, dead reader? Answer: you sold it for a mess of pottage. When civilization abandoned institutional Christianity for liberalism, then abandoned Christian notions of decency and individualism for socialism, and then abandoned Christian notions of chivalry and truth for political correctness, and then abandoned Christian notions of the objectivity of truth, beauty and virtue for the roaring abyss of nihilism, civilization lost the engine and motive of its progress."

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(via the Sidelines at American Digest)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Big Game

Congratulations, New York Giants.

I bagged on the selection of Madonna for being the half time entertainer.

I was wrong. She put on a good show and didn't take herself too seriously.

Truthfully, I ask you, who cannot get behind "World Peace"?

Peace out, y'all.