Saturday, January 01, 2011

This Year To Come

Some things I'll be doing or looking for in the coming year:

1. Be True.

2. Nail down my grasp of AutoCADD, at least enough that I am able to effectively resource CADD data to my surveying software.

3. I'd like to see a Fair/Flat Tax act introduced, preferably by spring. I know it won't pass until after 2012 but getting every franchised citizen a skin in the game is the first most important step toward possibly saving the Republic.

4. I know there won't be any rescinding of Obamacare. The most we can hope for is complete defunding of its provisions. While the socialization of the health care system is a crisis for myriad reasons, remember that the primary goal behind Obamacare is that it is designed to expensively and emotionally distract and entangle the House and Senate from addressing the more lethal threats launched by this administration - exponential growth of regulatory agencies and regulations, specifically EPA, FCC, FDA, and FTC, and the transformation of Justice into a political hit squad.

Destroying the world's premiere health care infrastructure is just a step toward controlling the people, not a goal.

It's an attack. Not an administration.

5. Glass bed one of my Mosins. Just because I can.

6. Find a silver coin with my metal detector.

7. Read three good books I haven't read before.

8. Take a straight week off during the summer and see something of the world with the One True Love.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Just be ready.