Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just a note to say that content will continue to be nonexistent.

I am buttoning up my part of a city block's worth of underground parking plus six floors of a tower...

... and I am back on a five tens schedule - at the very least. There will be some Saturday work, too, to get this baby put to bed.

Random thoughts:

1. The Democrat caucus in DC is acting in a suicidal manner. Good. I hope they get the help they so desperately need. Sometimes stepping off that ledge takes a little push. I've got a shower curtain rod they can tie off on, and a whole closet of out of style ties and dress belts.

Hell, I'll hang an extra rod down stairs if they don't mind forming a line.

2. After fifteen years of faithful service, my Dillon XL650 progressive reloading machine has developed a bind of some sort. Cursory inspection and a tiny bit of web research indicate that the arm pivot bushings need to be greased, but I really won't have a moment to spare to get it done for the next few weeks.

It was quite jarring to realize that the equipment had gone down. At the time the fault manifested I was actually in process of trying to find an empty ammo can to store the 9mm I had just finished loading up. I keep the ready ammo in Dillon Blue boxes, with the overflow living in .30 cal cans. I'm plumb full up. So I guess not having the reloader is not THAT big a deal. Still, it grates. These are interesting times.

I will probably tear it down Sunday...

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I spent the morning down in my reloading/ gun maintenance/ technical library/ art gallery/ leather crafting/ model building/ and gun safe room. Ten by fifteen feet with no external windows. Twelve feet of bench space is evenly split between the masonite topped half upon which there are two permanently affixed loading presses, and on the other half that I use for cleaning, leather work, and model building which is covered by outdoor carpet.

Wow. How cool is it to have all that in one place? Two places, really, since I store the bulk components and SHTF ammo in cans in the sub basement.

We really do live in wondrous times. I'm not ready for the future. But I'm prepared for it. That will have to do.