Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Health In A Hand Basket

Why am I so tired??? The only thing worse than the tired is the hurt, which feels like my entire body was at the end of a monumental towel snap.

Mrs. TmjUtah says I can't get mono from having my butt pinched. I can't lay this at her feet. It can't be high priced call girls. Not only am I hopelessly romantic, and cheap, I am not the governor of an east coast liberal bastion state.

Seriously, though: one of my good friends and two of my daughter's beaus are out front skinning the new floor in the living room because I cannot pick up a hammer.

Doc says the thyroid issues are "under control"... this as I contemplate going up a trouser size.

You know, they only grow so much cotton in Mississippi in any given year. Adding fuel surcharges to extra size premiums, it looks like I'll be paying a hundred bucks a pair of jeans or dungarees for factory store extras if this keeps up.

It could be worse. I could be Eliot Spitzer. Amen.

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