Monday, March 17, 2008

And Then There Was One

Sen. Hillary Clinton (Surrender, NY), speaking in a campaign appearance, formally checked out of the running for nomination as the Democratic candidate for president in 2008:

"She accused McCain of joining President George W. Bush in pushing a "stay the course" policy that would keep U.S. troops in Iraq for 100 years.

"They both want to keep us tied to another country's civil war, a war we cannot win," she said. "That in a nutshell is the Bush/McCain Iraq policy. Don't learn from your mistakes, repeat them."

She then trots out a hack promise to begin withdrawing sixty days after her coronation... swearing in. A serious contender wouldn't make a promise like that.

Not that "promise" really means anything here. Consider the source and all that.

Madame Senator has decided that losing the 2008 presidential election due to a vacuum where the Black Democrat vote used to be isn't worth it - especially if she's the reason they stay home. That would end her access to power quite abruptly.

There's still going to be some squeeze left in her Senate gig, especially during a McCain administration. She doesn't have to preside over a war her party is morally and spiritually incapable of winning, and she gives the Democrat party the crucial out they are so desperately seeking: they can point at Obama's blowout defeat and say "See, he had his chance!".

Now I can get back to watching my stock portfolio collapse. But at least the carpet, paint, and shades will all be in our living room by the end of the week!

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