Friday, March 21, 2008


I've been on unpaid leave for a month. Spring is undeniably here. My hypothyroid meds seem to be working as far as the mental issues go... but geeze I'm huge.

My youngest daughter is off to Denver for a WinterGuard competition. there is a darnfine chance her team will place well or win their class.

My wife is wasting, I tell you wasting away before our very eyes... using Weight Watchers! I am very proud of her.

Oldest daughter is working hard to cover past shortcomings so that she can graduate with her class, and I am proud of her, as well, for all the hours and brainsweat she's put in these last months.

This last little bit of time has been spent remodeling our living room. The carpet went in just yesterday. We have installed a floor joist section to bring the entire room to a single level, patched a ton of age cracks and wear blemishes on the existing drywall, and installed a new front entry and storm door. The horizontal shades are on the way, and painting should be complete by the end of the weekend - complete enough to get the (refinished) oak furniture back in place.

I am a lucky man. I hope that your week wraps up on a high note, and your weekend is filled with friends, joy, and love.

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