Thursday, March 11, 2010

Range Day

0900 Saturday, 13 March, Lee Kay Hunter Education Center.

Testing .30'06 in my Remington 700 and Garand, shooting at least two Mosin-Nagant 91/30's for groups using four different surplus ammo lots, various pistols, with a special guest appearance by the EBR*.

If you are in the area, drop me a line at Right now it looks like Mrs. Utah, a couple of coworkers, and me. Youngest Goddess is going to pass the word to some of her Fine Young Men and I may end up hosting a few of them, too. That doesn't mean much of anything, except I'll probably pack up my K98 8mm carbine(Russian Capture) and a hat full of that robust Turkish machine gun ammo on top of everything else...

Have a fine weekend, where ever you are.

(*EVIIIIIL Black Rifle)

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