Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eve of Destruction

Professor Reynolds unleashes the ultimate weapon:


Here is some required reading from Jeff Goldstein.

Neoneocon brings us news from Mr. York. Silver linings, perhaps?

I expect this weekend to bring the death of the Republic. Hyperbole?

Government now owns our core manufacturing, banking, and insurance entities and regulates the rest to a standstill. The last four decades of government subsidy of various sectors of pharma and health have been the prime mover in the spiralling costs of both. Nationalizing health care (and at the same time financing for higher education; you were not supposed to notice) makes Uncle Sugar your undisputed master... not your representative, nor anything resembling a shield of individual freedoms.

You may think you will have electoral options come 2010. Have you considered how fast this congress and president may move to provide amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens residing in the country? The natural result of such a move would be to invite a flood of yet more illegal aliens banking on the hope that the government might extend that amnesty to them, too. This is exactly what happened the last time an amnesty was tried, back in the eighties.

That legislation had amnesty with an assurance of increased enforcement of border security. That worked out well, didn't it?

Nothing like millions of unskilled workers to take the sting out of twenty percent unemployment numbers, I always say. Especially in the cities.

When the flood comes you must swim across the current to get to shore. Then go from there.

I've got nothing else to say, except for "good luck".

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