Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mr. Steyn

If only...

"I mean, Iran surprises us all the time. It seizes sailors, it takes out hit contracts on British subjects like Salman Rushdie, it blows up community centers in Argentina, it seizes the U.S. Embassy. Iran doesn’t threaten to do that, it just gets on with it and does it. And maybe there’s a case to be said for well, maybe we should just do something against Iran. Maybe we should just take out that refinery, and they can wake up to it, and see it smoking when it happens, and then they’ll realize we’re serious."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can You Hear It?

That rumbling in the it muffled laughter from deep within caves in Pakistan? More likely from the executive suite at what passes for a Hilton in Tehran, of course...


We are having our last hurrah of winter but in my front yard the strawberries are surging up through the mulch and already showing blossoms.

Happy spring, everybody.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Over a month since last I put something in here. Where to start?

1. I've gone from two-plus packs of smokes to two or four cigarettes a day. And lots of chewing gum. Yes, I'll be Jabba the Hutt by summer but I'll be able to breathe.

2. The season is definitely changing. Up on the site the methane ice sheets are almost melted. We've hired two more crews which means I may finally be able to commute from Utah county to Summit County via Provo Canyon instead of having to go to West Valley City every morning.

3. In politics the Democrats are one vital step closer to realizing their most cherished dreams regarding the war for civilization. Getting what they want will kill their party, but hey, we all make choices. Nancy Pelosi has negatively exceeded even my ridiculously low expectations as speaker.

4. On the war front Iran has gone back to 1979 for another bucket of hostage stew. I don't think the Brits are going to do a thing. Maggie is dead and Tony's military probably couldn't beat Argentina this time around.

The enemy remains unnamed. We are still killing and being killed in a rehearsal for the real conflict.

Such is the way of the world.