Sunday, September 27, 2009


Fall. Turn of the season, or something else? Who knows?

Gagdad Bob popped up on my screens ,via Van der Luen, this morning:

"Just as it is possible for a person to lose the grace, so too can a nation; in other words -- or symbols -- no (↑), no (↓). With an Obama presidency, we will find out what this will be like. It may well turn out to be as his spiritual mentor, Reverend Wright says: God damn America!

And why not? If we abandon any pretense of spiritual ideals, it is not God who will damn America. Rather, we'll do it ourselves. I'm pretty sure we'll discover what it felt like to be a Christian living in Rome, as the barbarian hordes were about to put an end to that world (which at the time was "the" world).

Interesting times of the Chinese kind are upon us.

We are heading into a winter of discontent, boys and girls. I was going to set some fence posts today but I think I'll just grab the Mosin closest to the door of the safe and a jump bag and head across the lake instead.

We have been up on a neighbor's roof for most of the last week, after work, to help him get it sound before the weather breaks this coming Tuesday. Mrs. Utah cannot stand very well so she has spent two days scooting about on a six inch foam pad helping to hand supplies down from the crown to where ever they have been needed. We have a third of the surface done complete and lack only shingles on the other two thirds. Hopefully the owner wasn't too conservative in his estimate but we think we may need another two units of shingles. Roofing in this corner of Happy Valley is as close to an Amish barn raising as I'll ever see. Very, very good times.

I hope you have a fine week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Local News

I stopped by the American Fork Big 5 on the way home Friday evening and found out that they will be stocking M38 Mosins in the near future.

The counter staff headed back and pulled out a couple of examples for me to look at. I liked what I saw, but I am not sure that I can really justify another Mosin right now. I may have to put a couple my 91/30's up on Classifieds in order raise funds as well as to open up some space in the Team Armory.

One of the two they brought out has a bunged up front sight, which probably happened in transport. The globe and post is knocked almost out of its dovetail slot. The damage to the slot would require five minutes of work on my anvil with the right mandrels but I have gotten deals on marred or damaged merchandise here before.

This rifle is the one of the two that has the actual M38 stock - not a more common cut-down 91/30 stock. So I'll probably mosey over there after lunch...

In other news, youngest Goddess attended Homecoming dance last night and had a fabulous time. Unfortunately, she found that her high heels were poor equipment choices for operating our Dodge Dakota. She slipped off the pedals and punched a parking bollard just left off center of the trailer hitch at some speed and shoved the rear bumper right against the bed. The tail gate will still open, but just.

She gets to learn the economics of body work. This will be her first experience with higher education.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Via Belmont Club:

"U.S. commanders, citing new rules to avoid civilian casualties, rejected repeated calls to unleash artillery rounds at attackers dug into the slopes and tree lines — despite being told repeatedly that they weren’t near the village."

It is my personal opinion that we no longer have any business putting American servicemen in harm's way in Afghanistan. I will be writing my representatives and senators to urge them to end our involvement in the nations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

NCA has abandoned the mission. We are not willing to kill the enemy where we find them, when we find them. From this day forward our dead, wounded, and maimed are pawns in a game that has already been conceded.

Wish it wasn't that way. Tomorrow in the anniversary of a tragic day. I will remember where I was that day. Just as I remember 1979 and 1983, when I first noticed the war.

Our government, too busy attempting to overturn the Republic, will accept a trickle of pointless deaths until they are ready to formally surrender.