Monday, January 30, 2012

Non Surprise Opportunity

You know it is going to happen.

At some point, it will become public knowledge that the Occupy brownshirts are taxpayer funded just like Acorn ( or whatever they call themselves now) was.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Wonder Why He's Not On The Purser's List?

Gagdad Bob:

Now, what is truth? Well, for one thing, it is the thing that results in bad stuff happening if we fail to appreciate it. This applies to every level of reality, from the lowest (i.e., physics) to the highest (i.e., spirit). Ignore the law at your own peril, whether it is the law of gravity ("I can fly!") or the law of humility ("I'm a god!).

So, we are always free to disobey the law. But "Failure to teach and practice any of these principles can lead to an underestimation of human dignity, a decline in culture, the abuse of individuals and groups of individuals, and an underestimation of ourselves and our potential in life."

And "Failure to teach and practice several of these principles will most certainly lead to widespread abuse and a general decline in culture" (Spitzer).

Take the example of the Islamic world. Why is it so systematically f*cked up? Conversely, why is America that shining city on the globe? The latter (mostly) obeys the law (or used to, anyway, before the ascendence of the left). The former is a metacosmic scofflaw.

Via American Digest.

If I Had The Patience (Anymore)

I might write something like this:

And that is where the real concern arises. For those who wish an overturn of western culture and the rising of a worldwide Islamic "republic," these basic principles have to go. For the radical Islam growing in numbers and voice in Europe, particularly places like France and Holland, the concepts of western civilization are at odds with what they believe and wish to see implemented. For them, equality leads to corruption, democracy leads to the unlearned commanding law, and liberty leads to sin. It is "un-Muslim" to have a civilization based on anything but submission to Allah and his prophet.

Want to fix something? Read the manual.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Reflection: When muddling through is the best you can hope for | Glenn Harlan Reynolds | Columnists | Washington Examiner

Sunday Reflection: When muddling through is the best you can hope for | Glenn Harlan Reynolds | Columnists | Washington Examiner

Happy New Year folks.

If the world situation was the result of mere opportunism and political corruption I might be more in agreement with the Blogfather.

I believe that Western Civ may well be suicidal. Our American political class is a fail across ethical, technical, and competence measures. The fault is no "them" to levy blame for any specific failing. We have failed as a nation, failed in the primary duty born by citizens.

Being free means being responsible. The founders built our republic on that foundation. We have walked away from the rock and now swim in a swamp of our own making.

The future is not written.