Sunday, April 03, 2005

Last Stop

The primary unit of religion is "one".

I am not Catholic. I am not normally in weekly attendance in any sect, denomination, or congregation.

I am a child of a loving God, though. Sure wish His message had survived transmission via the hand of man in clearer fashion, but there's a reason it didn't, if only to demonstrate the fallibility of man. But I do get the gist of it:

See - I have my faith. I don't presume to have anyone else's. I don't have John the Baptist's faith, and I don't carry anyone's message. I just live and try to listen up for the important stuff.

Some clear, moonless nights spent watching the stars over the Mojave or the Pacific might help some folks arrive at the same conclusion I did... but that is, again, just me.

Gerard Van Der Leun has (yet) another moving post up on his American Digest, concerning the passing of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. The Pope chose his path and role, and lived a full and honorable life - including the last stop on the journey.

It is a sad testament to our culture that his last days were covered by western media in a manner not unlike the last five minutes of a college basketball title game. Christiana Amanpour should really stick to politics; spirituality is not her gig.

She is far, far from alone in her peer group. Is it a contradiction for me to judge? Of course not. Every man should judges his fellows every day, rigorously as he judges himself; either that, or run the risk of spending way too much money on infomercial products or voting for Democrats.

I admired the late Pope in life, and his manner of passing does indeed impress. I hope that when my time comes to move on I acquit myself nearly as well.

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