Friday, December 09, 2005

Sins of Omission

Bubba's back in the news:

"MONTREAL ( [al] AFP) - Former US president
Bill Clinton took to the podium at the UN climate talks here to ram home a grim message about global warming and demand the United States move quickly away from the fossil fuels causing the problem."

and later:

"To loud cheers from an audience of thousands of delegates and green activists, Clinton said: "I liked the Kyoto Protocol. I helped to write it. And I signed it."

As did Al Gore, too. I forget which release; I think it was Gore v3.2b (pre earthtones/alphamale).

Question for the class: What is the relevance of the number "0" to this story?

The answer is here, in the paragraph headed "Position of the United States".

What a country. We can afford TWO former presidents more damaging to the nation after they are out of office than they were when they were in. And that's a pretty high bar for these two gents.

Only in America.

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