Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Straw boater, with red/white/blue bunting hatband. Check.

Navy blazer, wool/silk, with U.S. colors lapel pin. Check.

Dark blue Oxford button-down shirt, new regimental tie in scarlet, utility green, and gold, gold Marine Corps emblem tie tack.


Blue slacks, shade to be determined after consulting with my handler (thirteen year old daughter), with black belt or suspenders.

Black street service Oxford with new ortho inserts and comfy black socks.

Laptop from the wife or oldest Goddess. May go with PDA if venue isn't wireless-equipped.

Mark calendar: 28 April, Payson High School: State Republican Convention.

I have been elected as one of four delegates from my Republican precinct to attend the state convention. I will be casting votes for our federal house and senate races.

The incumbents are Congressman Chris Cannon and Senator Orrin Hatch. My three fellow delegates are our precinct chair, vice chair, and a gentleman who runs his own public relations/marketing outfit. All have literally decades of experience in politics, local, state, and national.

I have a lot of homework to do. I am honored to have been chosen.

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