Thursday, June 29, 2006


Item: The Supremes followed law and precedent and ruled that the President overstepped his authority by establishing military tribunals for terrorists.

That they referred to Geneva in how prisoners - in this case individuals who are clearly illegal combatants under Geneva - should be treated is probably going to be revisited under seperate brief just shortly after ...

Item: The Supremes didn't even hint at relief. This Court contains a majority of constitutionalist jurists. Not conservative - constitutionalist. This matter is going to the Congress. That body that was established to solve critical issues through legislation but has for a long time now often retired behind judges cloaks or cynically acquiesced to executive orders, instead, when the issues were... complicated.

Four months before elections now. Less, actually.

So who is serious about prosecuting this war? Who will put down in law just what price illegal combatants will pay when they wage war against Americans? What will the debate look like?

Item: Karl Rove, you maginificent bastard*!

* He'll get credit, at least from the enemy.

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