Friday, October 06, 2006

They Wish

A whole lotta anticipation in evidence out there:

"Analysts said the timing of the scandal, a month before the November 7 elections, could be trouble for Republicans who already have been feeling heat from voters over the
Iraq war.


"He said this campaign season "is starting to feel like 1974" when the Watergate scandal costs Republicans a lot of seats."

Here's some free clues:

However reprehensible Rep. Foley's behaviour was, I still don't see any statute criminal behaviour out there - yet, of course. The emphasis of that story is rapidly shifting away from the alleged acivities of the congressman in favor of just who knew what when

I've been less than impressed by Dennis Hastert (and Bill Frist, while I'm at it) for years, and thought he should have resigned after whining about the FBI search warrant served on Rep. William Jefferson 's office. The guy with the high-end lasagna - remember?

Remember reforming social security? Border security and meaningful immigration reform? Judicial appointments? Permament repeal of the death tax, and making permament other existing tax cuts? Allowing and in some cases championing the grant of Article III protections to captured terrorists who are already de facto illegal combatants by any honest interpetation under Conventions. Pretty weak show for the majority party in both houses, I think.

The current Republican majority has proven itself feckless where domestic politics is concerned and all but absent of anything resembling adult supervision. Or worse. At any other time in history (were that it was say, 1992, again...) I'd make plans to be fishing or shooting come this election day, and have steeled myself for two years of unrestrained moonbattery to motivate a new class of conservatives to come forward to fix the damage.

That's not an option this time. We can't survive a Pelosi/Reid tag team at this stage of the Long War; we just can't. I could sit back on savings for two or three years while Dems destroy construction spending (we ALWAYS know first when the economy is in trouble) via overregulation, taxes, and spiralling interest rates. Many, many people wouldn't have the same means I do, and it would be terrible for them.

But cutting back on vacations and toys is not the same as consciously participating in surrender to an enemy on a battlefield, and that's exactly what a Dem majority in the house or senate means. And I've never seen myself in that roll, nor will I ever.

I chose "I Wish" for the title of this post because I think that this latest brouhaha is just that - much incoherent noise about not much at all. I think the real entertainment value in all this is just beginning to manifest. I believe the blogosphere will distill "who knew what when" and the "timing" of this little exercise down to levels understandable to just about anybody on the street. Then we'll know "why", not just "what".

But we'll just have to wait and see.

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