Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Letter To A Bank

To Whom It May Concern:

B of A's decision to exploit the illegal alien market is possible only because the amortized risk will redound to LEGAL American customers.

You may be pursuing a fair chance of profit; the legal risk is probably minimal. It's obvious the federal and state governments responsible for dealing with illegal immigration aren't doing their jobs and show no sign of doing so in any near future - so, why not you?

Maybe... because your actions will directly and negatively influence how many illegals come to this country? How many instant invisible serfs you will create? You pay welfare mothers to have kids... and they have more kids. You extend credit to business and business expands (hopefully). You extend credit to someone in this country illegally, and you make it easier for them to remain here. Illegally.

Illegal aliens figure in over half the felony crimes committed in California, your home state. Illegal aliens overwhelmingly use public hospital Emergency Rooms as their family practice/GP clinics, driving any chance of profit malpractice lawyers may have left right out the window. won't see those costs directly, right? Not until the wheels fall completely off and it's too expensive for anyone to do any business in your state... right?

You, gentlemen, are scoundrels and will never count myself, nor anyone I can educate as to your short-sighted avarice and cynicism but especially the undeniable downstream costs of your "pilot program" that will actually accrue to legal residents of this country.

I am interested to see what kind of second quarter you have. I have already instructed my FP to analyze my portfolio and shift funds that may be associated with your business.

A.R. Jones
Orem, Utah

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