Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm Not Cynical - It's Clinical!

Early last week I had blood drawn for a scad of "geeze, that bastards getting older" tests, as a part of a general physical exam.

The doc told me at the time that he strongly doubted any issues of clinical depression but he didn't want to venture any further opinion with some labs. Turns out he was right on the depression side, and his eyeball/handson diagnosis that he declined to share was pretty good, too.

I've got a thyroid issue. Probably hereditary, but easily identified and easily treated through a one - a - day medication.

I wasn't able to pick up the scrip but the OTL did. Whenever we start a new pharm we always get feedback from our pharmacist. When she asked about this stuff, that gentleman warned her to warn me that I should brace myself for change:

Within a week, my weight should stabilize and begin to decrease.

Within a week, my sleep patterns will begin to return to something more normal than they are now.

Within a week I should notice a decrease in lethargy and perhaps improvement in mental acuity.

Wow. Each of those boons would be cool by themselves. I am praying most for release from the lethargy, with winter coming on and all.

What a fine day this is. I hope that yours is going well, too.

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