Sunday, December 09, 2007

What It Comes Down To.

I've been kicking around ideas for an essay on what I am looking for from the next election cycle.

What are the issues that must be addressed, in my opinion, by the next gaggle of elected office holders?




Sovereignty covers but is not limited to our relationship with multinational organizations (for instance, the Hudson Mafia), our various trade agreements, and immigration.

I think that education belongs under "sovereignty", too, since we need to rectify the choice of covering U.S. History as an indictment rather than a celebration.

Solvency covers un- or underfunded benefits and mandates with Social Security at the top of the list. Attention to sane tax policy with explicit acknowledgement that Keynesian tax systems are well and truly dead, and ending estate taxes.

Security... well, crap, the best I can come up with off the cuff is that we should shoot Islamist terrorists in the head when we find them and that it wouldn't be a bad thing if elected democrats stopped aiding the enemy from the floors of the house and senate.

I realize this missive is short on nuance. But the three issues stand for what I'm concerned about.

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