Thursday, January 24, 2008

Local Rack Report (UPDATED)

(Corrections to date and price added)

On the used rack at Gunnies, 400 S. State street in Orem:

M91/30 Mosin-Nagant rifle. Hex receiver, Izhevsk manufacture, dated 1928. It looks like it was originally a Dragoon model - the receiver is date stamped 1928 (Correct date 1925). Markings are grossly similar to this picture. Rifle is rearsenaled. There are no noticeable overstamps. The rearsenal mark is the bisected diamond stamp, and it was applied clear of the original markings. All visible numbers match. I get on okay with the staff here, but didn't want to push it by asking permission to take a look at the tang stamp. Metal fit and finish is good +, with minimum black paint touchup.

(If anyone knows which country used which rearsenal stamp, I'd like to hear it. I've been all over the Mosin boards and sites and just haven't seen any information on that subject.)

Overall appearance is good +. Wood-to-metal fit is remarkably good. It is the best I have seen (and I'm a ROOKIE) on a Soviet example and almost as good as the better Finns I have handled. The wood itself has the traditional gad-fugly arsenal shellac covering some nondescript cartouches. There are no discernible repairs and only a couple of very minor dings. The muzzle crown could have been executed better. Bore is clean and dark with strong rifling. I have come to regard this as common with the current wave of Mosins moving through here.

This is a sweet rifle. It would make a fine addition to somebody's collection, especially if they just wanted one Mosin.

Asking $128.00. (Correct price $149.00)

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