Saturday, July 23, 2011


Seems there won't be any budget deal coming out of the meetings that have been held between the administration and Congress.

The media covering the story still at this late date presume that their guy - the President - seeks a solution. They are willfully mistaken, and terribly, sadly so.

Obama is a Marxist. Not the banner waving, leader- of- the- pack kind of romantic figure we see in the manufactured histories of people like Che or Fidel. More the fellow traveler type, that annoying git from the dorm or faculty lounge, with extra points awarded for race. He would like to have been one of the revolutionary types, but frankly that would have meant hard work. His most striking qualities, being both intellectually lazy and morally directionless, combined with his affirmative action status to make him a prime candidate for a bunch of folks who were indeed revolutionaries. What glory is there in being leader of a nation one despises and of people to stupid to see the con?

Being the instrument of disaster is what Barak Obama has settled for. Don't laugh; not everybody gets to be good at something, finally.

The toughest part of his day is when he doesn't laugh into the camera.

Writing in Commentary magazine, John Podhoretz proposes that the President is seeking to panic the markets.

(via Instapundit)

Not a panic. A collapse. A coup, not an administration.

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