Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another One For The Books

I am forty and six years old, plus a day or so.

Yesterday while I was shaving I noticed some dry brown patches up around my hairline.

My THICK, DARK, and FULL hairline, even though I keep it cut short.

I showed the wife and she kindly informed me about "liver spots" and such...

She's always there for me when I stumble or am unsure. A hayhook under the short ribs will get anybody up on their feet toot sweet.

Today the Team is heading up to Lee Kay to punch some paper.

I hope you have a fine day, too.

Monday update:

I won't be reaching for my SMLE if the midden hits the windmill. Horrible vertical string at one hundred yards and just couldn't get comfortable behind that stock at all. Yes, yes, vertical means breathing. The ammo was modern Serbian manufacture hunting rounds so I don't think it was velocity variance.

I just don't like that one as much as I had hoped.

I've developed a tremor originating in my left elbow. It only manifests when shooting offhand/weak hand with pistol. Which used to be my favorite cap to a range day.

BUT... Mrs. Tmj and the Goddesses shot until they were tired and we all had a fine time.

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