Sunday, April 22, 2007

Upon Reflection

Here's some required reading:

"In short, progressives habitually turn an existential defect into a virtue, since politics is their religion, 24/7/365. To “remember” the sabbath would mean forgetting about the revolution, and that would be a political sin. They cannot separate church and state because the state is their church."

One of those "things" that people know about me - like I whistle "Girl From Epanema" under my breath when thinking through a problem, or merely waiting for the next thing to happen - is that I tend to spout "we live in wondrous times" whenever the mood strikes. Usually right after checking email on my laptop in the middle of a forest, or maybe flushing a toilet. Going to work and coming home from a job eighty miles a way, daily, is right up there, too.

Make time for your Sabbath. However you should choose. Just make the time.

(Via American Digest)

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