Thursday, May 17, 2007

No, It's NOT Safe To Swim In the Pool...

Not until they get the water in. Not for a while yet. But I've always been forward thinking and enthusiastic. And clumsy.

I was doing some check measurements to make sure my pool slide layout was going to work for the contractor...


I just deleted three rambling paragraphs explaining how I came to fall into the basin of the swimming pool and how my right thigh took a shot on the edge and my left shoulder broke my fall on the bottom, six feet later.

I think I'll leave out the ambulance ride. But the volunteers from the Kamas FD remembered me from February.

Nothing is broken. I'm to monitor my bathroom trips for blood in my byproducts and am off work until at least Monday. I feel like it's the morning after I've played a whole season of football in one day. LorTab is on the menu for the next few days.

Which is why I deleted the aforementioned paragraphs.

I know I screwed up. I know better than to dance on the edge and I'm too old to do the body bounce thing. I won't make the same mistake again.

Why can't Republican senators figure out the same thing?

I am going to speak with my precinct chair here in Orem 48. I am done with the Republican party.

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