Sunday, May 20, 2007


I called the Provo office of Rep. Chris Cannon on Saturday morning intending to inform him (or his staff) that they wouldn't have to call me, send me post cards or emails, or go through any of that political courting bullshit since I will not be attending the June nominating convention.

The staffer I spoke to sounded harried. Good, I thought, maybe they are getting traffic even at the local level in the aftermath of the announcement of surrender on immigration.

The gentleman on the other end of the line started to spiel about Rep. Cannon's history of "strong positions" on immigration... and I cut him off with a profanity.

Chris Cannon has been in Washington longer than the Republican's had majorities in both houses. The first words Chris Cannon ever said to me about illegal immigration were "We can't deport twelve million people".

Do we have permanent tax cuts? No.

Do we have social security reform? No.

Do we have a sane and workable energy policy? One that ensures the continued growth of our economy without a choke chain in the hands of terror - supporting nations?

Hell no.

After five years of the GWOT do we have border security better than, say, Mexico's southern border?


I tried to explain to the staffer that my number one gripe about illegal immigration has never been anything akin to racist in any way shape or form; I object to the overt acquiescence of our government in providing a safety valve/economic boon to the rulers of Mexico at the cost of creating a third-tier demographic of unrepresented persons who are liable to exploitation and who suffer injustice at every turn.

This crime of government is bought and paid for in the eyes of the left by another victim group to prey on, and on the part of the Republicans (who aren't right or left or conservative; just hack bastards any more)as markers in a fundraising game with businesses that want cheap labor.

But as I tried to gather my thoughts through the pain meds, it struck me that I was suddenly one with the peons.

I don't have anyone in Washington anymore, either... if I ever did at all. Certainly nobody there is interested in safeguarding our borders if it means pissing off ADM or La Raza.

I am too angry to put into words what these past few days have meant to me.

This bill must not pass. It must not.

This administration has been an unmitigated disaster; our government across the board is filled with timeservers and hacks, and only the congress has performed worse than the executive. We've ended up with some judges that don't appear on their face to be absolute failures... but time always fills.

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