Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The following was posted in response to NRSC Live Blog With John Ensign over at Captain's Quarters:

I haven't missed a presidential election since 1980 but I may well sit 2008 out. Reagan twice, Bush 1, Perot (MGFM), Dole, and Bush 2 twice.

Is it stupid to do so? Probably. Beyond stupid, how about unpatriotic? Un-American? Yep, probably. But maybe I want to feel like a congressman...

Both parties have abandoned their oaths to support and defend the constitution and the security of the country.

I heard Orrin Hatch defend SCHIP today.

Sometimes you just have to let the wheels come off. I don't think the Republicans have a clue what is about to happen to them. Or what harm is about to befall the citizens they swore to represent as a result of their cowardly, yet strangely cheerful abandonment of any pretense of principle or statesmanship.

And I've got more news for the Republicans:

When the next mass-casualty attack by al Q or whatever nutjob Islamist happens, it's going to happen because our border security SUCKS because both parties are afraid of offending potential pander targets OR fundraising sources, to include foreign governments.

But it was the Republican majorities and chief executive that had the conn on 9/11 and for six years after.

When our friends or families are killed, we won't be looking to burn the neighborhood Saudi-funded mosque.

Not first, anyway.

Democrats are expected to f*ck up national security, race relations, and the economy. It's a feature, not a bug. It's just that this time the bodies aren't going to be back in a Cambodian jungle and the only power that will have the economic clout to ease an economic crisis here is RED CHINA.(They've dumped maybe six or seven mill into the political mix - that we can sorta/kinda track - over the last two decades and now they OWN our debt AND the leading socialist candidate. Now THAT'S wise investing!).

Thus far the Reid and Pelosi Show has demonstrated a level of delusion normally seen only on a DU thread about the VP's links to Satan, or maybe in the words of RNC strategists who peddle tripe like what you cited in your post. The Dems didn't win anything. The Republicans gave it away.

The worst of it all: the Republicans show no sign that they are aware in the least - none, zero, zilch, nada - that they still have a few floors left before the sidewalk.

What a sad way to start a century. The last remaining hope for Western Civ melting down in a kindergarten squabble over who can be more socialist before the eighth century barbarians or the New Communist Empires strike.


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