Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back On My Head

Back in late February, my company approached me about our winter staffing, specifically what was going to happen with my project.

Short story: We needed to cut back due to the extreme weather. Their idea: lay off at least one man, with my immediate assistant seeing his hours cut back at least a day a week for as long as the nasty weather held.

My idea: we put those two in that situation, after training them up with me for one and two years respectively, and buddy, they'll find a job that doesn't require them to be up at five and at the office by a quarter to seven, then out in single digit weather eight or ten hours a day.

So I took a leave, left my second man in charge, and as far as I know the company kept both of them busy. It's a slightly Pyhrric victory, since my longest-tenured man is leaving on his LDS mission later this month... but it was worth it.

I spent March remodeling our living room and being a Mr. Mom. Tomorrow, I go back.

I already feel as if I never left. I am not so sure that is a good thing.


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