Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dispatched In Haste

Three weeks (including Saturdays) into the new project and aside from aches and pains things are moving right along. We have been blessed with warm and clear weather for the last week and it should stay nice, if cooler, until at least Thanksgiving Day.

We get that one off. Work Friday and SaturdaY, though.

I'm learning AutoCaDD Light. Once I am on the distribution list to receive plan addenda and changes electronically I'll be a lot better positioned to backstop my superintendent(s). Our client (and their architects) don't have an adequate appreciation for just how fast my outfit moves once we've got the word to go to it. If they've got it in their mind to change anything, they better publish it quick before we build right past them.

Politics? What's that? We've still got a commie for president, and looking at how he delegates, not a very bright one, at that.

I've read my history, Mr. Obama, and while you may be mistaken for a sorry Che wannabe in some nutroot fever swamps, you don't even land on the same shelf as Mr. Lincoln.

When I first heard credible reports that Ms. Clinton was being seriously considered for State, I assumed that Obama was just maneuvering her for a killing shot; get her up in front of the microphones once or twice and then release a previously unknown (there's so much we already know) scandal and knock her right off the public stage for good.

Nope. He's not smart enough for that. For a guy from Chicago, he sure doesn't understand winning.

Hope you have a great week! I probably won't be back before next weekend. I am off to make a dent in household chores, and hopefully have enough time left to get out and buy a second pair of boots.

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