Monday, November 10, 2008

Second Monday

The plans make a lot more sense than they did last week.

The weather is still a challenge. Rain all day today.

I watched the collapse of five floors of the building they are demolishing on the north limit of my project. A warning would have been nice, but since there was one bored guy playing a fire hose over the rubble after the dust cleared we reckoned that there wasn't anybody under the pile.

This company lives by "Get it done or go home". There's nothing different about that mindset from any other employer I've had in this business, but here in a straight up construction outfit there are about five hundred of us getting it done simultaneously, from pile drillers to electricians, and all inside of two city blocks. The ethos is amplified. Tact, diplomacy, and the willingness to stand your ground gracefully are all in great demand.

It's a job. I am grateful for it. It will be something to see in six months or so. I will be most happy to see the last of the mud.

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