Sunday, February 08, 2009

Required Reading

Via Professor Reynolds, this gem:

"Republic is a complex and profound morality tale in which we can see, if darkly, the reflection of our own republic. Its story is not exactly ours, but we have a lot in common with this once-beautiful city. Specifically, we have the same moneylenders and borrowers. The eeriest similarity to Plato's moneylenders is the agressive (sic) marketing of credit cards to college students. However, the reckless use of home loans on the part of both lender and borrower has proven more devastating."

Working. And more working. Set my second tower crane base on Friday night - a thirteen hour day. Also on Friday they began building the one I staked back in December - adding the number of thirty foot sections necessary to get up to around a hundred thirty feet for the boom. Plus I have been tasked with monitoring two areas for purposes of determining concrete slab/deck shrinkage.

At least the weather hasn't been as nasty. And I couldn't ask for a sweeter control network. Bless those Utah street and sidewalk builders of the past. I can jump outside my hole on three sides of my block and tie into originating control that I can trust at any time.

I have informed the powers that be that I'm only working a few hours next Saturday. I have a shooting date with a busload full of young adults that are friends of my friends, friends of my daughters, and just people who have an interest in learning how to shoot. So next Saturday I'm loading up a butt load of mil surps, an EBR or two, some pistols, an excessive amount of ammo, and heading over to Lee Kay some time around noon.

Last time I was there it was only four dollars to shoot. I don't know if they've had to raise their rates or not. Aside from not allowing silhouette targets or full auto, it's an excellent venue, either for solo shooting or for safe instruction.

Party on! It's like, 1978 all over again.

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