Monday, March 02, 2009

The Archduke and a Horse Shoe Nail

There are going to be several wars, beginning this spring. Wars which probably would never have happened if America did not shirk the responsibility incumbent upon the most free nation on the planet.

We have not elected a president. We hired a baby sitter. He's got lot of ground rules that maybe, just maybe, all those folks looking for hope, change, and two for one hot wings on game day might should have paid a little more attention to...

Iran and Russia have no common interest in American interest beyond how far we'll retract from interfering in their goals - namely, reestablishment of Imperial Russia and Iran supplanting the Saudis as the leaders of the ummah.

It takes a lot of concentration to nationalize an economy. I can see Putin and Amadinejad going out of their way for eighteen months or even two or three years to say nice and play nice for Obama.

Not that that will do Georgia any good this spring, or stop Hamas from expanding their missile offensive into Israel, using Iranian weapons. Georgia and Lebanon again, only this time the Bear won't even pretend to leave. And Israel gets to choose whether it is better to fight and die on their terms, or to wait on the end of Obama's leash and wait for the blow to fall.

I'm done following politics or news for awhile. Work, sleep, chores.

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