Sunday, March 01, 2009


Small. Rifle. Primers.

Cabela's, Gunnies, Sportsman's. Nada. None to be had here, except for some Remington match primers, and only two boxes of a hundred each of those. I need ... more than that.

They are the only reloading component I don't have in spades. If I can't find Winchester or at least CCI primers in Salt Lake next week I will buy a couple more cases of ammo for my lone EBR. I had never planned on reloading for my Bushmaster but after finding a few each commercial and home brew loads that do work spectacularly well with it I've decided to pick up a single shot or bolt in 5.56 and hope that the same accuracy may be realized across the two different platforms.

Or I may just end up buying a Century Arms AR A2 rebuild. They have three on the shelf here and my research into them shows that purists hate them and hobbyists are perfectly satisfied. I don't need a rifle length AR. I just want a rifle length .223 (yes, yes, I'd LIKE a NATO chambered boltie but I don't think those fall off the tree too often....

It could go either way.

Other than that, just a lazy weekend. No garages were cleaned - but Mrs. Tmj is out and about in her Miata for the first time since Christmas, topless.

Top down. DOWN.

Have a fine one.

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