Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warning Order

I'd like to be upbeat, but I just don't have the will.

Today I see that defining Chrysler's advertising budget has become a presidential duty.

That suddenly Mr. Obama understands what a shit tsunami would accompany releasing more Abu Ghraib photos; what looked like an easy sop to his vicious, anti-American base turns out to carry a cost he declines to pay.

In financial circles, the sucker's rally continues as congress continues to explore yet more ways to tax individuals and businesses.

Just how great a tax burden they will hammer us with is a mystery. What is absolutely certain is that they will continue to shield their own from any annoying questions about ethics.

Here at the home of Utah we are doubling emergency cash on hand at the house, refilling prescriptions out to three months, and have decided to double our garden area. I don't know when I'll find time to tend it properly but I think that come fall we'll be glad we grew our own this year...

What a joke we have become.

Won't be anybody laughing by August, I'm thinking.

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