Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Required Reading

Found via American Digest:

" Communists are now nationalists – or national socialists – who have embraced capitalist means in order to achieve the end of capitalism. They do not admit to being Marxists, full of resentment against “that eminent distinction” that “really is distinction.” They call themselves democrats. They win elections under various false flags. They participate the in the process of leveling on their own terms. "

In other news -

On day one of my three days off for Memorial Day, I crushed my left middle toe by allowing an extension ladder to collapse on it.

It sucks getting old. I broke safety protocol first by attempting to collapse the ladder while it was vertical, then compounded my error by pulling both left and right locks at the same time. I had enough time, as the extended section whistled down, to think "I'll pay for this". If I still had reflexes would have more usefully extracted foot from impact area...

I spent Saturday night on the sofa with my foot iced and elevated. This morning the digit was a shade of dark purple more usually seen on Roman cloaks, so off to Critical Care for an xray. Radiologist said broken, doc said badly bruised.

Tomorrow... don't know. Going to bed in half an hour. Will figure out tomorrow when it gets here.

It will just be another day in the age of the One. And me, still waiting for my rocket car. Fishing maybe. More likely run across the lake and burn some powder.

Never pester the radiologist. Diagnosis is not her job.

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