Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran Policy Evolution

Last week, when the first rumbles of unrest began to spread in the wake of the Iranian clown show our media chose to call an "election", the President of the United States voted present.

By Monday last, The Won had seen the poll numbers and came out with a Strong Statement. He even got some props from traditionally conservative folks, too, I hear.

If Barry stays true to script, I guess Thursday we'll get a riff right out of "The Untouchables"...

"I want him DEAD! His family DEAD!"

Then he'll bounce a basketball off a reporter's head and talk some hoop smack. Or something.

Rhetoric aside, The One has let stand the invite to Iranian diplomats for a friendly Fourth of July picnic. I always say there's nothing like a good steak and a cold drink after you get done cleaning your rifle and having a prisoner wash the dried blood off your boots. If Mousavi calls ahead, I'm sure the Leader of the Free World will make sure the embassies clear a primo parking space for the Iranian Diplomatic Ryder Truck.

In other news... my company has been awarded the contract to build the north office tower that will go on top of the parking garage we are halfway done building. I give humble thanks that I will have a job that much longer.

Links shamelessly lifted via Instapundit, American Digest, Weasel Zippers, and Hot Air.

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