Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fire Them. All of Them.

I expect 2010 to be the last mostly free and fair election I'll see.

The case laid out in this article closely coincides with my own conclusions as to the origins of the ongoing collapse of our economy.

It is important to remember that the hackery committed by Congress over the last thirty years transcended party lines. The mortgage bubble popped when it did because the government didn't have complete control over the books; the racket was too public/private to be maintained.

The coming failures of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare will be as bad or worse. Possibly much worse, because millions of Americans still have what is left of their retirement in the market (read this) , which isn't close to bottoming out yet.

All a lot of us will have to look forward to is Social Security. Which won't be there at all.

If we let the wrecking crew execute their 2010 strategy and effectively replace the FEC with ACORN, we'll all know what card check really means.

But we have the power to save ourselves. The first step is to vote out any sitting representative or senator. First or fifteenth term, it does not matter. They know that it's about getting elected FIRST... which is why they - both sides of the aisle - are actively working to destroying our election system or are turning away and saying nothing.

America is under attack. We have pulled the trigger on ourselves.

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