Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Scott!

Forget politics for second, okay?

There are TWO Mosin Nagant M91/30 retired PU snipers in Utah county.

One, a 1943 Tula with good rifling and a wartime stock, is at Gunnies in Orem and is going for around a $110.00. The other is up at the American Fork Big5 and is a very nice 1944 Izhevsk with even better rifling and a very smooth bolt. Big5 has upped their prices quite a bit, and even on sale this rifle will be above a hundred dollars.

Well... okay, some politics:

This morning I took the Goddesses up to Tibble Fork reservoir for a few hours of fishing and then some gold panning.

No bites, one speck of gold, and a vote on whether or not to go camping next weekend was passed unanimously.

Have a fine week.

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