Saturday, August 01, 2009

Passi It On

The following excerpt is from a recent essay posted by Cobb:

"What I do believe we all should be involved in no matter what our background is the principle and practice of advanced civility. What America lacks is a firm sense of practical decorum. The proper way of doing things is in doubt. We haven't completely forgotten our manners, but we've seen them beat down so many times that we think they don't matter any more. And it has practically destroyed our ability to communicate trust and strong love in public."

I was raised a "yes ma'am/sir" kind of guy, and I am still that way.

I am an anachronism, even here in Milk Toast Valley, Utah.

Civility is the lubricant of civilization. We are running rather more than a quart low. Without the common sense and respect inherent in even minimal form or simple good manners, the machine develops a fine, almost subliminal whining we hear at speed. Without attention, that whine will soon become a knock, then a grind, then a last violent crunch... then silence.

It's a great essay. Enjoy.

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