Monday, August 10, 2009

Spur Of The Moment

(UPDATED: Expletives deleted. I apologize for letting my tiredness make me lazy.)

Howdy. Busy as heck, hair on fire, no time for anything like following current events.

I spent my Sunday off not thinking of work, though, so I eventually had to spend fifteen or twenty minutes looking at news.

Our money comes out of what is left of our stock market portfolio next week.

If you were a president bent on destroying the constitution you were elected to protect, wouldn't it be wise to remove Congress at some point? Even given the fact that the hockey helmet and rubber spoon political class as exemplified by Pelosi and Reid is temporarily an asset (in a sad and twisted way) for The Won in that they make Obama appear a tad less incompetent and terrifying than he is, really, at some point it will be necessary for them to ... go away.

What's the no go point for keeping them around? I'd expect it would be failing to pass cap and trade; health care is programmed too far out to do more than exacerbate the catastrophe inherent in cap and trade.

Were I a Senator or a Rep, I'd make it a point to keep lots of the administration's people in the Capitol building during business hours. Shucks, it's not like there's not enough Czars to fill all the hearing rooms twice over, right?

What a world we live in.

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